MMC3104 Schedule

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Date In Class Homework
8/25 Introduce Class
Review Syllabus
Naipaul’s Rules
NewsU: Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More
8/27 Active/Passive Verbs
Review AP Style
Introduce “Emotion” Writing Assignment
Emotion Assignment
Read Joan Didion “Why I Write” Pay attention to the writing.
9/1 Labor Day – No Class
9/3 Appositives
AP Quiz 1
Discuss Joan Didion
Introduce Object Assignment
Emotion Assignment Due
Object Assignment
9/8 His/Her/Their
In-Class Writing Assignment
9/10 Missing Comma After Introductory Element
AP Quiz 2
Introduce Student Assignment
Object Assignment Due
Student Assignment
9/15 Vague Pronoun Reference
In-Class Writing Assignment
9/17 Missing Comma in a Compound Sentence
AP Quiz 3
Introduce Leader Assignment
Student Assignment Due
Leader Assignment
9/22 Wrong or Missing Preposition
In-Class Writing Assignment
Reading TBA
9/24 Rosh Hashana Eve – No Class
9/29 Its/It’s and Other Confusions
Introduce Community Assignment
Discuss Reading
Leader Assignment Due
Community Assignment
10/1 Noun/Pronoun Agreement
In-Class Writing Assignment
Reading TBA
10/6 Subject/Verb Agreement
Introduce News Story Assignment
Discuss Reading
Community Assignment Due
News Story Assignment
10/8 Misplaced/Dangling Modifier
In-Class Writing Assignment
Reading TBA
10/13 Commas in Restrictive/Non-Restrictive Clauses
Introduce News Release Assignment
Discuss Reading
News Story Assignment Due
News Release Assignment
10/15 Wrong or Missing Verb Ending
In-Class Writing Assignment
Reading TBA
10/20 Wrong Word
Introduce Op-Ed Assignment
Discuss Reading
News Release Assignment Due
Op-Ed Assignment
10/22 Comma Splice
In-Class Writing Assignment
Reading TBA
10/27 Run-On Sentences
In-Class Writing Assignment
Op-Ed Assignment Due
10/29 Missing/Misplaced Possessive Apostrophe
11/3 Incorrect Punctuation in Quotes
11/5 Unnecessary Shift in Tense
11/10 Unnecessary Shift in Pronoun
11/12 Sentence Fragment
11/17 Wrong Tense or Verb Form
11/26 Thanksgiving Eve – No Class
12/1 Wrap Up Class
12/3 Grammar Test