JOU3117 Schedule

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Date Classwork Homework
8/25 Introduce Class
Review Syllabus
Read Freedman
8/27 City Desk Video and Discuss Read Chapters 1-2 in Harrower
Read Freedman
9/1 Labor Day
9/3 Harrower Quiz
Discuss Freedman
Freedman Assignment Due
9/8 News U/Reporters Game
AP Style
NewsU: Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More
Study AP Style
9/10 AP Style Quiz 1
Read Chapter 4 in Harrower
Interview a Stranger
9/15 Harrower Quiz
Discuss Stranger Interview
Write Stranger Interview Notes
Read Chapter 3 in Harrower
9/17 Harrower Quiz
Discuss Stranger Interviews
Stranger Interview Notes Due
Study AP
9/22 AP Style Quiz 2
Ledes & Story Structure
Lede Exercises
Lede Exercises
9/24 Review Lede Exercises
Story Structure Exercises
Lede Exercises Due
Write Stranger Story
Review AP Style
9/29 AP Style Quiz 3 Stranger Story Due
10/1 Police Stories
Police Story Exercises
Police Story Exercises
10/6 Discuss Police Story Exercises Police Story Exercises Due
10/8 Story Exercises Story Exercises
10/13 Profiles/Obituaries
Obituary Exercises
Story Exercises Due
Obituary Exercises
10/15 Obituary Project
In-Class Obituary Interviews
Obituary Exercises Due
Read Chapter 6 in Harrower
10/20 Harrower Quiz Obituary Interviews
10/22 Speech Stories
Speech Exercises
Obituary Draft Due
Speech Exercises
10/27 Discuss Speech Exercises
Discuss Speech Coverage
Speech Exercises Due
Speech Exercises
10/29 Enterprise Stories Cover Speech
11/3 Enterprise Stories
Discuss Enterprise Story Ideas
Enterprise Budget Line
Obituary Due
11/5 Discuss Enterprise Stories Enterprise Budget Line Due
Speech Draft Due
11/10 Database Journalism TBA
11/12 Database Journalism Speech Due
11/17 Database Journalism TBA
11/19 Database Journalism Enterprise Draft Due
11/24 Professor Evaluation
Database Journalism
11/26 Happy Thanksgiving
12/1 Database Journalism Enterprise Due
12/3 Wrap Up Class